Trends in Glass Design in 2016

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November 8, 2016
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Digital Printing & Colored Glass

Digitally printing on glass is a growing trend we’re seeing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you want your glass repair to look like these days.  You can use a really inspiring or mood setting image and transfer it to a piece of glass for decoration or statement piece.  This bathroom we did in Midtown OKC is a great example.


Decorative Glass

It’s becoming more common for architects to request OKC transparent glass but with a design element added to it.  Like this one here we did at the popular RePUBlic Gastropub in Classen Curve in Oklahoma City.The texture of the glass is intriguing and different, and even a conversation starter; something that can be attractive to many business or home owners wanting to spice up their home.



Natural light is always in, and to accomplish that you must have glass and a lot of it.  This is an example of a car dealership we did in Edmond.  The light flows in perfectly, illuminating the curves of all the vehicles in the showroom.


Details & Texture

There are more glass choices for customers now than ever before.  When designing your OKC bathroom mirrors can be an important design element. By playing with various textures like above, your bathroom can truly be one-of-a-kind! As always if you have a design idea you want to explore, give us a call and we’ll consult with you on how we can help make it a reality!

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