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August 9, 2016
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Does your lawn sprinkler system spray on any of your windows?  It doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?  Actually it can be a bigger deal than you imagined.  Here is why you should care where your sprinkler system sprays:

Staining Your Glass
Removing hard water spots is a pain.  You don’t want your windows turning different colors either.

Can Void Insulated Glass Warranties

When you spend your hard-earned money toward energy saving insulated glass, you want it to last.  The last thing you want to do is to void your warranty with something as simple as spraying water.

Deteriorates Exterior Window Trim



Water damage is very real and can eat away at your paint and your wood.  You don’t want to replace the exterior of your home because it can be time consuming and incredibly expensive.  Avoid costly repairs to your home with water damage.

Can Lead To Water Leaks Inside Your Walls
This can lead to numerous problems as stated above: water damage is very real and you want to avoid it.

So now you know why you should care about where your sprinkler system is spraying, but how do you fix it and stop these problems from occurring?  It’s actually quite simple: adjust your sprinkler system so it isn’t directly spraying on your windows or window sill, not even a little bit.  This will not only protect your glass and the warranties that may come with it, but it prevents water damage to your home and helps you not waste water (or your water bill dollars) by spraying something that doesn’t need to be sprayed because it isn’t alive like your lawn.  Don’t hesitate to get your sprinkler system adjusted today!  

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