A Step-By-Step Guide : How to Replace a Window Glass

Windows are an essential part of our home. They provide light and air and act as a portal that offers a small glimpse into the outside world. However, accidents happen, and your window glass can crack or shatter over time. It could be your child’s football practice gone wrong, or it could also be a faulty installation of the windows. Whatever the reason is, you should fix your windows as soon as possible.

Need help with how to get started? This blog will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to replace window glass.

Safety Measures and Tools Needed for Window Glass Replacement

When replacing your window glass, it is important to prioritize safety to avoid accidents and injuries. Here are some of the most essential safety measures and tools you’ll require for the task:

Safety measures:

  • Inspect the area for any possible hazards before starting
  • Wear safety gloves and glasses at all times to protect yourself from broken glass shards
  • Cover the broken glass with cardboard until its replacement comes in
  • Do not stand or walk over broken glass
  • Use proper lifting techniques to carry glass panes
  • Have someone assist you in the task to ensure your safety
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

Tools for glass window replacement:

  • Chisel
  • Duct tape
  • Caulking gun
  • Heat gun
  • Glass cutter
  • Eye protection
  • Safety gloves
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint scraper
  • Wire brush
  • Putty knife
  • Rubber mallet
  • Tape measure

Materials needed for glass window replacement:

  • Replacement glass
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Glazing points
  • Glazing compound or putty
  • Linseed oil or wood sealer

How to Replace a Window Glass? Step-By-Step Process

Learn the easiest and effective methods to replace glass windows.

Step 1: Prepare the work area

Preparing your work area before you take any other steps when replacing window glass is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe process. Firstly, remove any curtains, blinds, or furniture near the window and clear the space. Then lay a sheet of plastic or cloth over your floors for protection. Make sure the windows are opened fully for proper ventilation.

After you’ve taken all these steps, only then proceed to gather your tools and materials and move forward with the replacement process.

Step 2: Remove broken glass

After you’ve prepared your work area, it is important to remove the broken glass carefully. Make sure that you have your safety gear on. Remove the old glass from the window while it is still installed. If the glass doesn’t come out easily, apply duct tape to the glass in an ‘X’ shape. This will help catch any loose shards.

Then, use your heat gun, chisel, or a scraper to remove the window glazing compound and points, and pull the glass out in one piece.

Step 3: Measure the window opening for glass replacement

Before buying a new glass pane, measuring your windows for the right size is important. Carefully measure the height, width, and weight of the window opening. Then to order a precise replacement pane, order a piece of glass that is 1/8-inch shorter in each direction. Make sure you test whether the pane fits properly before moving forward.

Step 4: Apply glazing compound

Use a caulking gun to apply fresh window glazing compound in the L grooves of the window glass. This creates bedding for the glass to rest against the window. It can be tricky but can be mastered with practice. If there are gaps in the compound, apply a little more of it.

Step 5: Insert the replacement glass

After you’re done glazing the window, it’s now time to insert the replacement glass. Insert the glass into the bedding you’ve just created. You can also gently press down the glass perimeter with the tip of your putty knife, which will compress the glazing compound and bed the glass.

Step 6: Secure the glass

The next step is to secure the glass. After you’ve pressed the glass into the compound, apply another thin layer of the glazing compound to the edges of the window frame, where it makes an L shape. Using your fingers or a cloth, smooth out the newly applied compound.

Step 7: Clean up

Once you have secured the new replacement glass, it is time to clean up. If there’s any residue left on the window pane, gently remove it. Make sure the surfaces of the glazing compound are smooth if you have not already done so. Then proceed to clean the glass with a clean and lint-free cloth. Also, dispose of any other waste products.

Step 8: Allow the glazing compound to dry

As per expert recommendations, the glazing compound must dry for 5 – 7 days to harden properly. Once it is fully dry, paint the glazing and any exposed wood. You can use exterior-grade paint for this.

Step 9: Test the window

The last step of this process is to check whether the replaced window glass is secure and fits properly within the window frame. To test if the window functions properly, try opening and closing the window. If it moves smoothly without any interference, you’re good to go.

Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing a Window Glass

Replacing a window glass is a challenging task to perform. It requires a lot of techniques, precision, and patience. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when replacing a window glass:

  • If you need help replacing it, always consider contacting a professional.
  • Among the different types of glass available, like float, tempered, laminated, tinted, etc., choose the one that works best for your home.
  • Research the window safety codes of your region and follow them.
  • Check if the cause of cracks in your windows results from foundation problems; if it is, hire an expert to inspect your home.
  • Set a realistic budget that you can afford when replacing your window glass.

How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost?

While the national average cost is $276, the cost of replacing glass windows varies from $180 to $406. The type of window you have and the glass you choose determine the replacement cost. Based on that, it can cost as little as $100 and as much as $700. Usually, professionals charge between $50 to $75 an hour to replace window glass. However, they might charge more if the complicated replacement process involves multiple window panes.

Where to Get Replacement Glass for Your Window

The easiest way to get replacement glass for your window is at your local home improvement store or hardware store. You can also get them from window manufacturers, glass shops, and online retailers. If you contact a window repair specialist, they can offer expertise on which type of glass to choose and installation services as needed.

Tips to Replace Glass in a Double-Pane Window

Double-pane windows are made with two panes of glass instead of one. The units are enclosed in insulated glass. Replacing the glass in a double-pane window requires special care and extra precision to maintain the unit’s functionality. Here are some tips for replacing glass in a double-pane window:

  • Determine the cause of failure in the double-pane unit
  • You might need to remove and reinstall the window sash
  • Order new glass that matches the specifications of your pane
  • Follow the steps mentioned above for installing the new glass
  • Test for functionality

Replace Glass Windows in Oklahoma City with Central Glass

Replacing glass in your window panes can be a tough job to do on your own. Replacing window glass without proper knowledge can lead to mistakes and accidents. If you’re a homeowner in Oklahoma City looking to replace window glass, we’re here to help. Our experts at Central Glass are trained to replace any window glass and conduct custom installation. With us, you can get the best bang for your buck! Contact us for any commercial and residential glass needs.


In conclusion, if you need to replace your window glass, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. Following the step-by-step process outlined above, you can do it yourself following the necessary precautions. However, if you need more experience or feel unsure about the task, it’s always best to call for professional help.

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