10 Tips on Shower Door Replacement

Have you been looking into replacing your shower door, and you need an expert’s opinion? You don’t have to look any further. While replacing your shower door, you need to consider these 10 valuable tips.

You might want to change your shower door for various reasons, including improved safety, aesthetics, better functionality, and something new in your bathroom. Often it can get confusing to choose the right shower door as a replacement, as there are too many options you can choose from, and if you are not fully aware of shower doors, it starts to get quite overwhelming at times.

Most of the glass doors include mounting tracks around sheets of glass which might crack over time, show some signs of gaps, or have other defects. In these situations, you will have to set up a shower door replacement for your bathroom that is long-lasting and made out of great quality.

10 Best Tips on Shower Door Replacement

When choosing a replacement shower door for your bathroom, several factors must be considered. Before changing your shower door, you should keep these 10 tips in mind:

1. Measure accurately 

You must take precise measurements of the shower opening in order to ensure that it fits perfectly within your shower frame. Consider the wall’s slope and any irregularities on the floor or wall when measuring the frame’s width, height, and depth.

2. Choose the right door type

It is important to consider several types of shower doors before settling on one. You can choose between sliding doors, pivot doors, hinged doors, frameless doors, etc., based on your needs. Even though each type of door has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Consider the material

When it comes to bathroom shower doors, there are several materials to choose from. You can choose between glass doors, acrylic doors, metal doors, and many others that are suitable according to your preference. Make sure you pick a durable and good quality material that will last you a long time.

4. Check hardware quality

While many of us often neglect the hardware quality while picking the right shower door, it is also one of the most crucial steps in picking the right one. Make sure the quality of the hardware such as handle, hinges, and seals is in good condition. You can always pick high-quality hardware that will last you a long time as well as complement the overall design.

5. Consult a professional

Not many of us are DIY experts when it comes to installing anything around the house. Since they have the right equipment and are more skilled, a professional can set up our new shower glass entrance more safely and reliably.

6. Opt for safety features

Safety is always a top priority. For example, Choosing tempered glass as a safety element is one of the most important factors to consider in this regard. Look for certification or safety labels that attest to the safety glass’ adherence to industry standards. It’s also a good idea to speak with specialists or industry experts who can point you in the direction of trustworthy producers or suppliers who are known for offering shower door frames that are both high-quality and safety-conscious.

7. Consider water and moisture protection

You must consider water and moisture protection when choosing the right shower door. You can maintain a dry bathroom with a shower door that protects from water and moisture.

8. Maintain proper ventilation 

Proper ventilation in the bathroom helps you prevent mold buildup over time and moisture buildup. Exhaust fans and air circulation are a couple of ventilation options you can choose from in the market.

9. Consider manufacturers instructions

You should always consider the manufacturer’s instructions for the aftercare and maintenance of the shower frame. Following their guidelines closely will help your shower frame last longer and avoid any mishaps.

10. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Always establish a regular cleaning and maintenance routine after you install your new shower door frame. This helps in preventing different types of buildups over time and keeps it sanitary.

What Is The Average Shower Door Replacement Cost?

It is impossible to determine a particular cost for shower door replacement because many factors determine the price, such as: shower door type, material, size, complexity, installation, extra features, etc.

However, you should budget between $500 to $1,500 for setting up your new shower door. But it is important to understand that the price range can vary on several factors. For more information, you can always reach out to us!

How to Replace the Shower Door Seal?

You need to keep several things in mind before replacing your shower door seal. Some of the steps that are necessary to replace the shower door seal are:

  • Identifying the type of seal
  • Buying a replacement seal and measuring it
  • Removing the old seal
  • Cleaning the area
  • Installing the new seal
  • Trimming the excess seal
  • Testing and adjusting the new seal

In the same way, you can also replace the shower door strip. The procedure for replacing the strip is similar to that for replacing the seal on the shower door. You must identify the kind of strip you need, measure and purchase the replacement strip, and follow the same procedures as with the seal.

Replace Shower Doors and Get Shower Door Replacement Parts in Oklahoma City at Central Glass

You have various options for changing shower doors and getting shower door replacement parts in Oklahoma City. Finding out what replacements you specifically need is the first step. Determine whether you need to replace the shower door system or just a few components like the hinges, handles, seals, or sweeps.

Researching Oklahoma City-based vendors is the next step once you know your replacement needs. Find vendors who focus on shower door items and accessories. You might look through internet directories, review local business listings, or ask friends, family, or nearby home renovation experts for advice.

Consider product selection, quality, customer reviews, and cost when choosing a provider. To ensure you can obtain the precise parts you need for your project, search for vendors with a wide selection of shower door replacement parts.

Once you’ve found a reliable provider, contact them to determine if they offer the replacement shower door parts you require. You can always consult the professionals for the installation process after choosing the right parts per your needs. For ease, Central Glass provides shower door replacement for all commercial and residential glass door needs. Contact us today!

However, to make it easier for you, our residential glass repair services provide a suitable fix for any glass repair.


Ultimately, following these 10 steps for the right shower door replacement will be one of your best decisions. This will not only save time, but it will also inform you about several things and prevent you from spending more than necessary.

You may make better and more informed choices to guarantee a successful and satisfying conclusion by considering the type of door, materials, safety features, water and moisture protection, and proper installation. In addition, keeping up with maintenance, sticking to a budget, and calling in experts when necessary all contribute to an easy shower door replacement.

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